Find Your Audience

Kongregate’s mission is to nurture the growth and health of independent game developers and player communities, and that all started with We are now the premier open platform for browser games and would love to have your game in our library!

Open Platform: Go Live Instantly

Every developer should have a chance to share their game and find an audience, regardless of their connections in the industry or ability to pay an application fee. On anyone can upload and publish their game, with it immediately going live on the platform. Highly rated games (at least 4 out of 5) can generally expect to be played at least a few hundred thousand times!

Community Makes Games Better

Games are more fun when played with others, and Kongregate’s avid player community makes both multiplayer and single-player games even more compelling. Comments, chat, forums, accounts, achievements, and more, all moderated and managed by us.


Every platform will say they are developer-focused, and we do too. But it’s in our blood, being founded by a game developer who had been burned by a publisher. And unlike some platforms, if you contact us we will respond and do what we can to help.

Generate Revenue

It’d be great if we lived in a post-scarcity world, but we don’t, and we all have to eat and occasionally buy some indie games to play. If you want to go full-time with your game development you need some income, and Kongregate can help with that in a few ways.

Ad Revenue

We also automatically share up to 50% of ad revenue generated on your game’s page. The exact amount varies with the current market, but generally your share is $1.00 - $2.00 per thousand gameplays.

In-App Purchases

Ads are great, but the biggest revenue is generated by selling something. Our purchase API enables you to use our platform currency, kreds, as payment for items in your game. We handle billing, fees, taxes, chargebacks, and customer service, and give you 70% of the gross revenue.

Our APIs

There are three primary APIs that our games make use of, and they support both Flash and Javascript.


This is a very simple API that allows you to submit progress and high scores of players in the game. In addition to on-site leaderboards, this will enable us to put achievements on your game and feature it heavily if it gets a high-enough rating on the site.

Virtual Goods

If your game supports in-app purchases, this API is required. It will enable you to accept Kongregate’s currency, kreds, as payment within your game. Any non-kreds payment methods will need to be removed.


If your game uses server-side game accounts, this is a required API. Giving users a single-sign-on experience reduces registration friction, increasing the number of accounts in the game.