Make Games with Construct 3

Construct 3 is used by tens of thousands of developers to create stunning, high-performance games. It has everything you need to build your games without any coding required!

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Why we like Constuct 3

  • Over half of HTML5 games submitted to Kongregate are built in Construct.
  • It runs in the browser so you can build and edit your games no matter what device you have. Review your games and make changes on the go; it will even run on mobile devices!
  • A host of tutorials, full manual and thriving community are here to help you develop your games.

Construct 3 is packed with more features than can be listed here. Its regular updates make it the platform for developing games now and into the future.

Publishing your game has never been easier! Once you've built your game you can publish to Kongregate in a few easy clicks. Be sure to check out our documentation and Game Programming forum for guidance.

Start publishing to Kongregateplus a host of other platforms like iOS, Android and Steam.

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