Kongregate Developers

Why choose Kongregate?

Kongregate was founded by a game developer with the two goals:

  1. Make a better place for people to play games.
  2. Create an open platform for game developers to make money without giving up control.

That was our vision in 2006 and that is still our vision today.

5 Minutes to Distribution

The first step for success for any game is to get people playing it, and on Kongregate you can reach millions of real gamers in just a few minutes. Any developer can upload and have their game available instantly, no approvals needed. As your rating goes up so will the number of gameplays; 4-star games routinely receive many millions of plays.


As your game takes off, so will your earnings. Thanks to our global scale, dedicated gamer audience, and direct ad sales force, we are able to charge a premium for advertising which we share back with developers. And with kreds, our virtual currency, developers can make much more by charging for items and content in-game, letting you focus on your game while we handle all the billing and customer support.

Community Makes Games Better

Games are always more fun when played with others, and Kongregate’s avid player community makes multiplayer and single-player games more addictive. Comments, chat, forums, accounts, achievements, and more, all moderated and managed by us.

Developer Focus

Kongregate is nothing without great games and great developers. We’re committed to developers succeeding and making better games, and we’ll support that however we can, from fair terms to developer tools. If you have a question, someone from our team will answer it.