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Kongregate Promotions

As a dedicated game portal every person who visits Kongregate is a gamer, and actively looking for new games to play. At Kongregate we partner with our top developers to promote their games and thanks to our status as a trusted source of games we have a lot of highly effective levers to pull on your behalf - no ad buys or aggressive virality needed.

Game Spotlights & Recommended Games

The best time to get a new player is when they are actively looking for a game. Besides our standard category and tags listings we promote games to players in key areas of the site through our Recommended Games and Games Spotlight systems.

All games are included into our recommendation engine, which promote games based on category, affinity and the player’s ratings history. Games Spotlight ads use the familiar game recommendations format to advertise specific games. We guarantee a minimum of 1,000,000 Games Spotlight ad impressions to every approved game that uses our kreds platform to help players get into the game; further spotlight promotion is also available to games in our Partner Program.

Hot New Games

Gamers looking for the lastest games know where to find them: the Hot New Games section of the Kongregate homepage. Games that receive a rating of at least 3.70 are eligible to be featured and enjoy a deluge of traffic rushing in. But multiplayer devs should not fear: we’ll work with you to ensure your servers can handle the load.

Promotion Through the Partner Program


Ask a Kongregate player what the best thing about the site is and answer is almost always the same: badges! As part of the Partner Program, the addition of badges is one of the largest amounts of traffic we can send to a game. It's much more than just players though - by attempting to complete the badges the players will play deeper into your game, giving you a greater chance to show them how fun and compelling it is.

In Depth: Our Director of Games’ lessons learned in achievement design

Continued Promotion

Badges drive big spikes of traffic but for social games and MMOs ongoing promotion is just as important, and we’ve developed many ways to help games retain existing players and reach new users for as long as they are on the site. Some of the methods available through our Partner Program include: