Kongregate Developers

GameStop Marketing Opportunities

Kongregate + GameStop = Awesome Promotion for Your Games!

We work with GameStop to promote games in our Partner Program using their massive marketing network.

The Power of GameStop
The largest video game retailer in the world
Over $9 billion in annual sales
6500 stores across 17 countries
400M store visits per year
Consistently #1 share for hottest games, including the largest entertainment launch in history: Call of Duty Black Ops

Past Marketing Campaigns

In-store sweepstakes
and other promotions

GameStop TV features

In-store box art, posters
and more

Major game launch

Features on GameStop.com
(12M+ monthly uniques)

Emails to GameStop
database (7M+ subscribers)

Social shares
(2.5M+ Facebook Fans, 100k Twitter followers)

...and much more!