Kongregate Developers

Kongregate makes it easy for developers to monetize their games!

Earn up to 50% of the ad revenue generated on your game's page

Kongregate shares up to 50% of advertising revenue with developers and sponsors weekly and monthly contests where you can earn thousands more. You retain the full rights to your game by uploading it onto Kongregate and you may request that it be removed at any time.

By default, all developers receive 25% of the ad revenue generated from their games. This includes all ads within the games and any potential ads on the game page that may be added in the future. Games that are integrated with Kongregate’s Statistics & Challenges API earn an additional 10%, and games that are offered exclusively on Kongregate’s site earn an additional 15% (see below). Thus, it’s possible for a game to earn 25%, 35%, 40%, or 50% of ad revenue.

Score bonus cash with our monthly and weekly game contests

Each month, Kongregate awards thousands of dollars in prizes to the top rated games that are submitted to our site with our Statistics & Challenges API integrated. The top prize monthly prize is $1500. We also give away $250 to the top-rated game and $150 to the second- and third- place games uploaded on Kongregate each week. Learn more about contests and get a list of recent winners on our contests page.

Tell me more about this exclusivity bonus

To qualify for an additional 15% of your game’s ad revenue, the game cannot be hosted on any website beyond Kongregate.com, with the exception of your own personal site. Mobile versions do not count against exclusivity; this only applies to browser versions.

This all sounds great, but I want to know how I'll get paid

After the total ad revenue from all of your games combined reaches 25.00 USD (or higher for non-PayPal options), your account will enter a 30-day verification period at the end of the month. After this period has ended and your account has been cleared of any fraudulent activity, we will pay you through your choice of PayPal, wire, or a physical check in the mail. Payments are made once a month. If a monthly pay period ends and your account has less than $25, your balance will roll over to the next month. This rollover process will continue until your account reaches $25. Also, for tax reasons, all developers must now fill out either a W-9 (for US developers) or a W-8BEN (for non-US developers). Both of these forms are filled out online as part of the developer payment info you will give us - no need to scan or fax anything!

Game sponsorships

Before uploading your game to Kongregate, you may consider submitting it to us for a sponsorship evaluation. You can see past examples of sponsorships, and read through our terms and requirements. To submit a game for sponsorship review, send it to sponsor@kongregate.com.

A note about third party ad and login integrations

Because Kongregate shares revenue directly with developers, we cannot accept game submissions that include third party ad integrations like CPMStar. While our partnership with MochiAds (who we recommend to all developers) enables us to suppress their ads on our site to meet our terms, we have yet to reach agreements with other in-game ad networks. Additionally, we do not allow any type of external login system or requiring a player to create a non-Kongregate account. But don't worry - sponsorships from other companies are perfectly fine.

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