Kongregate Developers

Single Player Integration Overview

As a free single-player game developer, there are no required APIs to be able to upload your game to Kongregate. However, we have a number of APIs available if you wish to enhance your game and boost your revenue share in the process.

Connect to our Client API Object

In order to get access to our APIs, you'll need to connect to our local API through ActionScript (or external calls to Javascript if you're in Unity). You can find out details about the specific language connections in our API Overview page. Throughout the rest of the documentation you will see references to methods for this Kongregate API object.

Add Some Quick APIs As Needed

Statistics: This is a very simple API that allows you to submit progress and high scores of players in the game. In addition to on-site leaderboards, this will enable us to put achievements on your game and feature it heavily if it gets a high rating on the site. It also comes with a 10% boost to your ad revenue share, increasing from 25% to 35%.

Kreds Payments: If you want to be able to accept payments within your game, we have an API that will allow you to use our kreds system for purchases. Check out the virtual goods section of this site to find out more about how that works.

Shared Content: Have a level editor or some other content players might want to share with one another? Shared content can greatly increase the stickiness of your game and long-term plays and revenue. The Shared Content API enables both in-game and URL-based sharing of content, as well as a ratings system and sorting methods for the content.

Other APIs: We have other APIs that you can explore too! Want to give the player a sitewide avatar as a bonus in the game? There’s an API for that. Want to get a list of their friends to show in-game? There’s an API for that too!