Kongregate Developers

Submitting Statistics

POST: https://api.kongregate.com/api/submit_statistics.json
Required params:
  • user_id: User id of the user
  • api_key: The api key assigned to your game
Statistic value params:

The rest of the parameters should all be in the form of <statistic name>=<statistic value>. These statistics will be submitted to the server with their given values.

Response fields:
  • success: True/false depending on if the request was successful
  • error: Error code integer, if any
  • error_description: Error code description string, if any

Example: Successful Submission

This example submits statistics GamesWon and Coins.

POST https://api.kongregate.com/api/submit_statistics.json
POST data:
  • user_id=765
  • api_key=MyApiKey
  • GamesWon=1
  • Coins=45
Example Response:
  "success": true