Kongregate Developers

Bring your new game ideas and together
we’ll create the next cross-platform hit with Launchpad!

We’re looking for talented small teams, indies and hobbyists to help bring their amazing new ideas to life through our Launchpad program.

Kongregate will release and promote Launchpad games on Kongregate.com and potentially on iOS and Android.

We offer two tiers of Launchpad

Innovative, high-quality games funded to web release, with future opportunities to scale to mobile and beyond.
Launchpad X
Experimental titles breaking the boundaries of genre and design, focused on rapid development (think game jam++). Successful Launchpad X games have opportunities to explore other platforms or to flesh out larger projects.
Apply for Launchpad today!
Kongregate provides Launchpad developers with:
Free-to-play monetization expertise
Game design guidance
UI/UX guidance
Ready for Mobile (if successful on web)