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Mass Message Communications

Communicating With Your Players

The Kongregate platform enables developers with popular and highly-rated games (minimum 10,000 gameplays, with at least a 3.75 rating) to communicate with their players to let them know about new updates, events, promotions, and content. These communications can be sent out to current players (anyone who has played the game 3 or more times ever and at least once in the last 10 days) and inactive players (anyone with 5 or more gameplays but who has not played in the last 10 days). You can send out an active mass message at most once every 7 days, while inactive mass messages can be sent at most once every 30 days. Players will receive these messages through the Kongregate messaging system.

To access this tool, look for the "send message to active players" and "send message to inactive players" links below your game on your main game page. Once you click on one of those, you'll be taken to a simple UI where you can fill in the text to be sent, preview it before sending, and then finally send it out. Once you send the message, it will go to our message queue and be processed over the next hour or so.

These messages are only to be used for promoting the game for which they are associated or related sequels/betas. The messages cannot refer to other games or any off-Kongregate content, and of course should not be offensive or vulgar. Messages will be subject to admin approval - we attempt to approve these quickly and they should generally be sent within 48 hours, if not much quicker (usually much faster).

Once the message gets sent, it will look something like this:

Communication Tips & Best Practices