Kongregate Developers

Facebook Integration Overview

Integrating a game from Facebook to Kongregate is generally a fairly quick and simple process, doable within a couple of days by an experienced programmer. Here we’ll discuss the APIs in a little more depth, look at an open source library that can make dual-platform code maintenance easier, and talk about differences in social mechanics between Facebook and Kongregate. You can get started with all our APIs right away, but we screen games to maintain a quality experience, so please email apps@kongregate.com to request approval for your game.

Connect to our Client API Object

In order to get access to some required basic user information for the server APIs, you'll need to connect to our local API through either ActionScript or Javascript. You can find out details about the specific language connections in our API Overview page. Throughout the rest of the documentation you will see references to methods for this Kongregate API object.

Integrate A Few Quick APIs

Integration with Kongregate requires implementing 3 of our APIs within your game:

Virtual Goods: You will be able to accept Kongregate’s currency, kreds, as payment within your game. Any non-kreds payment methods will need to be removed. We currently screen games to maintain a quality experience, so please email apps@kongregate.com to request permission to publish the game.

Authentication: Giving users a single-sign-on experience reduces registration friction, increasing the number of accounts in the game. We have a simple API that allows you to validate a logged-in Kongregate user via a server-side call and get them into your game entirely behind the scenes.

Statistics: This is a very simple API that allows you to submit progress and high scores of players in the game. In addition to on-site leaderboards, this will enable us to put achievements on your game and feature it heavily if it gets a high rating on the site.

The game itself will be embedded in an iframe on one of our game pages. These iframes can get up to 1050 x 700, though we recommend staying at under 1000 x 650 to keep the game visible on smaller laptop screens. Our iframe resize API can be used if you need to dynamically resize the iframe for varying heights during gameplay. If you are interested in using the resizing API, please contact us at apps@kongregate.com so we can enable it.

Easily Maintain Facebook and Kongregate Versions with Kompatible

Kongregate maintains an open source project called Kompatible that acts as an abstraction layer to help manage a single code base for a game on Facebook and Kongregate platforms. It’s a PHP library that can be easily integrated into an existing game, or used as an example of how this type of abstraction can simplify code maintenance for dual platform games.

Optimize Social Differences Between Facebook and Kongregate

One thing that is important to note for Facebook developers coming over to Kongregate is that while Kongregate players are extremely social, they communicate in different ways from Facebook. Friend invites, messages, and wall posts are not a part of the core Kongregate experience, though we do have a Feed/Messaging API available that will cover most of that functionality to make porting easier.

Instead, our players are very active with game-specific chatrooms and forums, both of which will be enabled for your game. Sharing and challenging can be done through in-game messages as well as with URL parameters. Both Dream World and Tyrant are great examples of Facebook games that were ported to Kongregate that effectively engage Kongregate’s very social users.

Please contact us at apps@kongregate.com if you’d like to talk more about how our social features could work well for you game.