Kongregate Developers

API Functions

Displaying a Custom Tab

This function displays a custom tab in the chat area, which will replace any other custom tabs that might be showing. It takes a name, description, and options. The name parameter is the name that will be shown on the tab itself. The description will be displayed below the tab in a wider space. The options object may contain a size field, which is a decimal between 0 and 1 indicating the size you wish the canvas to be, with the default being 0.5, for example:

  • name:String - Name of the tab
  • description:String - Description of the tab
  • options:Object - Options for the tab:
    • size:Number - Relative size of the canvas, 0 being the smallest, 1 being the largest (default 0.5)

Example: Display a custom tab with a large canvas

kongregate.chat.showTab("MyTab","My Custom Tab",{size:0.75});