Kongregate Developers

Browsing shared content

By using the browse function, you can cause a list of shared content to appear in the user's browser. This will allow them to view, rate, or load shared content for your game.

browse(contentType:String, sortOrder:String=null, label:String=null):void
  • contentType:String - Type of content to browse
  • sortOrder:String - Optional constant specifying how to sort content:
    • BY_NEWEST - Newest content first (This is the default if no method is specified)
    • BY_RATING - Highest-rated content first
    • BY_LOAD_COUNT - Most-viewed content first
    • BY_FRIENDS - Only show content made by friends (newest first)
    • BY_OWN - Only show your own content (newest first)
  • label:String - Optional, only browse content saved with the specified label

Example: Display a Shared Content browser for Contraptions, only showing those by your friends with the "Level 3 Solution" label

    "Level 3 Solution");