Kongregate Developers

Game Submission Checklist

Before you submit your game to us for approval, here is an integration checklist that should be completed. After you make sure that your game meets all of these criteria, you can feel contact us to request that we run a quality assurance pass on it to make sure it’s ready to go for publishing. This is the same checklist that we use when verifying your game, so if your game doesn't pass an item, we will ask you again to make sure it does before we can approve it for publishing.

Note: Please make sure before submitting your game for approval that it is uploaded to the account that you wish to publish the game under.

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Other points

When all of this is completed and you've submitted your game, we'll also do a quick play-through to make sure the UI is functioning, there aren’t any dead/incorrect links, or anything else that stands out as non-functional in the game.

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