Kongregate Developers

Note: This feature will not function unless we have enabled it for your game. If you would like to have this feature enabled, please email us at apps@kongregate.com.

Invite Friends

This feature displays a dialog requesting the player send a Private Message to their friends inviting them to try your game. If the player is not authenticated, it will require the player to authenticate before displaying the dialog.

The Private Message incudes a game specific message you provide and some text the player may enter in the dialog. The dialog includes an interface for selecting up to 20 friends and other kongregate members to invite and a Text Field to edit a message. An optional filter parameter may be used to narrow the list of invitees to those that have or have not played the game.

Note: While the game is not published (in "preview" mode), the recipients will not get the message. This is to avoid confusion around games that aren't public sending out messages. As long as you get the pop-up friend selection box and confirmation the API is integrated correctly.

Showing the Invitation Box

It is easiest to create this object inline, as in:
  content: "Come try out this awesome game!"

To only invite people that never played the game, use the filter parameter, like so:
  content: "Come try out this awesome game!",
  filter: "not_played",
  kv_params: { kv_doug: "Top doug!" }