Kongregate Developers

Note: This feature will not function unless we have enabled it for your game. If you would like to have this feature enabled, please email us at apps@kongregate.com.

Feed Posts

This feature displays a dialog requesting permission to make a feed post to a player's wall on behalf of the game. If the player is not authenticated, it will require the player to authenticate before displaying the dialog.

The player may optionally allow all posts from your game. If the player choses to enable that feature, then this will automatically make a post on that player's wall without invoking the dialog.

Note: While the game is not published (in "preview" mode), the post will not actually show on the user's feed. This is to avoid confusion around games that aren't public sending out messages. As long as you get the pop-up friend selection box and confirmation the API is integrated correctly.

Making a Feed Post

Feed posts are composed of two components: the content of the feed post, and (optionally) an image URI that you specify. If you do not specify an image URI, then the game's icon will be used instead.

Basic Feed Posts

If you don't need a custom image, you may invoke showFeedPostBox with a String containing the post content:

kongregate.services.showFeedPostBox("Praise the Sun!");

Using a Custom Image and Parameters

If you wish to specify a custom image and parameters to be passed into the game when clicked, then you will need to pass in an object with the properties:

NOTE: This parameter is uri, not url. Using "image_url" will not work, it needs to be "image_uri".

It is easiest to create this object inline, as in:
  content: "Come help defeat the boss!",
  image_uri: "http://your-domain.tld/feed-post-images/really-hard-boss-face.png",
  kv_params: { kv_doug: "Top doug!" }