Kongregate Developers

Mobile Build System

In order for your game to be published on the Apple App Store or Google Play, they must first be signed with Kongregate's keys. Kongregate's mobile build system is a tool to make re-signing your games for distribution simple.

Uploading Your Game

Uploading your game via the mobile build system is simple. First, navigate to the edit page for your game. Then, click the "Upload files" link on the upper right part of the page. You will see four fields:
  • File
    The APK or IPA file you wish to sign.
  • Version
    The version number for the app store. Do not include any extra information here, this will be injected into the package.
  • Email to Notify
    This email address will be sent a link to the signed build once it is finished.
  • Release Notes
    The release notes you wish to have posted on the app store.
Click upload, and that's it!