Kongregate Developers

Kongregate sponsorship terms

Kongregate gets a preloader, in-game branding and links (title screen, game over screen and game completion screen), exclusivity with the sponsorship (you can get sequels sponsored by someone else if you want, but not this particular game), and the rights to free distribution (we can encourage people to host the game on their site). The branding should have some mention of more games being on Kongregate ("Play more games on Kongregate," etc.). You also need to implement our statistics API for challenges and achievements, and your ad revenue share on Kongregate will rise to 50% (check the "exclusive to Kongregate" box when uploading). View our API tutorial for more information.

Logos and preloader files (fla and different frame rates) can be found at the following links:


All links back to Kongregate should be http://www.kongregate.com/?gamereferral=gamename , where "gamename" is the name of your game. This is purely to track traffic from your game (we'll do an internal evaluation of the effectiveness of the sponsorship of your game, which may affect future negotiations, but will not affect the amount you receive for this particular game). You may not use this link to acquire referrals for your account on Kongregate.

You retain the right to clearly label yourself as the game's creator, and you retain the rights to the intellectual property. You also retain the right to link back to your personal website (or add in your own preloader if you want) and use Mochi Ads. We also grant you the right to remove our sponsorship branding if (and only if) you acquire a site-locked licensing deal with another website. These licensed versions MUST remain on the site for which they are licensed. You may NOT license a game to a site that will, in turn, redistribute this licensed version in any way, such as allowing users to embed the licensed game on their site. Specifically, if Addicting Games licenses a game sponsored by Kongregate, it must be licensed under the agreement that the game CANNOT be distributed through embedding.

The game will also become free for anyone to host, and this should be noted either within the game or within the sites it's uploaded to (such as Kongregate or Newgrounds).

Finally, Kongregate usually requires that all sponsored games remain exclusive to Kongregate for the first week of their release. Once this week is up, the developer is encouraged to upload it elsewhere as much as possible. The developer is also free to sell site-locked licenses. The week of exclusivity is negotiable (usually for a lower initial sponsorship amount), but it's otherwise the default assumption.