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Kongregate Kongpanions API


Kongpanions are original characters that players on Kongregate can collect by earning "badges of the day" each week. A single badge of the day during a calendar week earns the regular Kongpanion, while earning 5 badges of the day within a week will upgrade it to the "shiny" version of the character. While these are fun items to show off on your profile, we've also put together a simple API that allows games to find out what Kongpanions a player has collected and incorporate them within the game.

[Example Shiny Kongbot and regular Puff Catty]


Developers can integrate Kongpanions that users have earned into their games. You can see an example of this in Sandbox Hero, in which the player can equip Kongpanions to improve the stats of their character, as well as have the Kongpanion follow them around as they play. Structurally a Kongpanion is very simple - it has a name and single image, with an alternate image for the shiny version. The value, strengths, and attributes of each Kongpanion are entirely open to you the developer to interpret. We also are tracking tags on Kongpanions, which will become more useful as a filtering method once the Kongpanion library grows. Note that at this time there is no guarantee that a player will have at least one Kongpanion. If you detect that a player has none, you should let them know and provide a link to http://www.kongregate.com/kongpanions so they can go and earn one right away.


GET https://api.kongregate.com/api/kongpanions.json
Required params:
  • user_id or username: User id or username to request Kongpanions for
  • success: true/false depending on if the request was successful
  • error: error code integer, if any
  • error_description: error code description string, if any
If successful:
  • kongpanions: An array of Kongpanion objects
    • name: Name of the Kongpanion
    • description: Description of the Kongpanion
    • tags: Array of strings which are the tags on this Kongpanion
    • shiny: true/false depending on if the user has earned the shiny version of this Kongpanion
    • normal_icon_url: A url for the icon of the normal version of this Kongpanion
    • shiny_icon_url: A url for the icon of the shiny version of this Kongpanion

Request a User's Kongpanions

You can request a user’s set of Kongpanions either by user_id or by username. You can get the user's username or user_id with the user information api. A user's Kongpanions are then returned in an array with all the information about that Kongpanion. You can determine which image to use, shiny or normal, depending on the boolean value shiny for that Kongpanion.

Example: Getting Kongpanions with "username":

GET https://api.kongregate.com/api/kongpanions.json?username=joe1017
  "kongpanions": [
      "name": "Kongbot",
      "description": "Objectives: [A] Maintain, upgrade Kongregate [B] LASERS FROM EYES [C] Learn to love <3",
      "tags": [
      "shiny": true,
      "normal_icon_url": "http://cdn1.kongcdn.com/assets/kongpanion_icons/0000/0001/kongbot_2.png?1389639633",
      "shiny_icon_url": "http://cdn1.kongcdn.com/assets/kongpanion_icons/0000/0002/kongbot_shiny_2.png?1389639633"
      "name": "Puff Catty",
      "description": "You've got to be kitten me!",
      "tags": [
      "shiny": false,
      "normal_icon_url": "http://cdn2.kongcdn.com/assets/kongpanion_icons/0000/0003/cat.png?1390005184",
      "shiny_icon_url": "http://cdn4.kongcdn.com/assets/kongpanion_icons/0000/0004/cat_shiny.png?1390005184"
  "success": true

Request All Existing Kongpanions

You can also request a list of all currently available Kongpanions with a call to this endpoint.

GET https://api.kongregate.com/api/kongpanions/index.json