Kongregate Developers


Once your game has sufficient traction, we enter the world of Badges

Accomplishments on Kongregate are made up of one or more tasks, which are based on a single statistic each. As a developer, you send statistics to us, and we create the following.


A task relates a statistic with a quota. For example, if you had a “High Score” statistic for your game, a task may be to get a score of at least 100,000. Once the player reaches this score, the server would mark this task as complete. Tasks for your game will be defined by Kongregate, but suggestions are encouraged.


An accomplishment consists of one or more tasks, and a reward. The reward can be one of various things such as a card, badge, or points. As your game reports statistics, they are checked to see if they relate to an active task. Accomplishment progress will be automatically reported to both the game page and the chat application. Once all tasks for the accomplishment are completed, the reward is given to the player, and they are notified via chat. Accomplishments are set up by Kongregate, and are based on the statistics you have defined for your game. If you are tracking lots of statistics, it is possible that we may use your game for challenges or badges in the future.