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Optimizing Games for Low-End Devices

One of the biggest challenges in mobile game development is having your game run great on a low-end device without compromising the experience on a high-end one. We tend to optimize and budget the best experience for our high-end devices. There are many good reasons for this: better monetization, better engagement, etc. Low-end devices seem to run away from us in scope and get poorly prioritized because of the focus on high-end devices. But they’re still important! According to a recent Mixpanel trend report, ~10% of iPhone users have an iPhone 5 or below.

Can we have older devices run the same graphics as new ones?

You simply can’t. Give your players a comparable experience across all devices. Allow them to accomplish the same core activities that your high-end users do. The experience may not be the same, but the core progression should be close.

Tips on Optimizing for Low-End Devices

Feel free to reach out to me by leaving a comment below -- I’d be more than happy to share any data or code snippets we have.


Siavash Ghamaty

Siavash Ghamaty is the VP of Engineering at Ultrabit/Kongregate. He loves big engineering challenges. When he's not racking his brain, he loves eating Mexican food and fantasizing about being an interior designer in his spare time.

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