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Kongregate's Rewarded Video API

We're excited to officially announce Kongregate's Rewarded Video Advertising API, now available to all game developers on Kongregate.com! This type of advertising, also sometimes called "incentivized ads" or "opt-in ads," has gotten particularly popular on mobile recently. It allows developers to give rewards to players who choose to watch an ad. It's a great system that's a true win-win-win:

We've been using this model of ads in some of our mobile games (AdVenture Capitalist in particular has done extremely well with them) and we wanted to enable our browser developers to have access to the same tools. The general flow with these ads goes like this:

  1. Provide players with a way to choose to watch the ad. They should never be forced to watch it, and can be given the option to watch either permanently (as a button they can click any time) or on a limited basis (you can watch an ad for a bonus, but only RIGHT NOW!).
  2. Initiate the ad, which will pop up on top of the game (so don't do it during action!).
  3. The player can then watch it (typically 30 seconds, max 60 seconds) and get credit in the game if they watch it all the way through.

For a much more in-depth analysis of in-game ads, check out Tammy Levy's excellent Best Practices: In-Game Ads post in our blog. You can also see examples of these ads already on Kongregate in a few games that participated in our limited beta of the API.

From a technical perspective, the API is fairly straightforward. You can check out details in our API documentation, but it just involves initiating and ad and using a few event listeners to handle the few potential outcomes. We are still hand-approving games that use this API, so when you are ready to try it send us an email at apps@kongregate.com and we can get you hooked up.

Finally, let's talk business. There are a few important points to note about these ads:

If you have any questions or would like to get the API turned on for your game, please send us an email at apps@kongregate.com. We look forward to seeing your games and the clever and fun ways that you will provide players with rewards for watching a few ads.


Anthony Pecorella

Anthony has been at Kongregate for 7 years and is the director of virtual goods for browser games. He works to bring great games to the platform and help developers make a living with their games. He was the lead producer for the mobile version of AdVenture Capitalist.

Anthony also designs and develops games on the side with his indie game studio Level Up Labs, including the acclaimed tower defense RPG Defender's Quest: Valley of the Forgotten, and a MacArthur-grant-funded educational biology game, CellCraft.

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