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5 Tips to Improve Game-as-a-Service Monetization

Written by Moonlit Wang, Partner Development Manager at Google Play Games, & Tammy Levy, Director of Product for Mobile at Kongregate

Free-to-play games are essentially games-as-a-service. The lifetime value of these players is much more complex to calculate than it was when a game’s player LTV was simply the purchase price of a game. We understand that the LTV is directly related to how much time players spend in the game, since long-term players spend more money, but how do we design a game to retain players and monetize effectively?

Google Play and Kongregate teamed up to answer this question with 5 tips to improve monetization in F2P games. To learn more, please visit this post on Google’s Developer Blog.


Tammy Levy

Tammy is the Director of Product for Mobile Games. When she's not at work you'll find her rock climbing, playing board or video games, reading or sitting on the couch consuming TV series on Netflix.

Fun Fact: She used to be a professional fencer -- back home she was part of the national Mexican fencing team.

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